5 Ace Widgets to Boost your WordPress Blog

Nowadays, global bloggers have started embracing WordPress for maintaining their blogging websites. Elite features of WordPress CMS make it the first preference of people who’re serious about blogging and want to use it for different reasons. Although the built-in features of WordPress make it simpler to operate a successful blog, there’s a wide range of widgets that can be added for offering that extra experience to your readers. In this blog, I’ll be discussing the 5 best widgets that are custom-made for boosting the performance of your WordPress blog.

WordPress Widget No.1- Event Organizer

Event Organizer is a WordPress widget that lets you set up your events, to be displayed to the blog visitors. You may choose to set up reoccurring events and customize the same as per changing preferences. Event Organizer also allows you to display upcoming events so that regular blog visitors can stay abreast of everything that’s likely to come ahead on your blog. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, Event Organizer lets you view the events in the usual WordPress list or on the calendar page in your admin section. Event Organizer widget is compatible with all WordPress versions up to 3.5.2.

WordPress Widget No.2- Simple Popup Plugin

If you want to include popup windows into your WordPress blog, then Simple Popup Plugin is the widget for you. This WordPress widget lets you create simple pop-up windows that can be customized as per changing requirements. Although you can create a sample number of pop-up windows with this widget, ensure to limit the count because visitors often tend to get annoyed by viewing pop-up windows popping up on your blog. Simple Popup plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions up to 3.5.2.

WordPress Widget No.3- FeedBurner Email Widget

On finding your blog interesting, some visitors might want to receive updates from you. FeedBurner Email is a widget that allows your visitors to display their preference of subscribing or not subscribing to your blog. If they choose to subscribe to your blog, they’ll receive emails each time you post a new article on your site. FeedBurner Email widget is compatible with all WordPress versions up to 3.5.2.

WordPress Widget No.4- Twitget

Twitget is a WordPress widget that displays your recent tweets. With this WordPress widget, you can avail yourself of the flexibility of customizing the number of tweets that are displayed on your blog. In addition to this, you can also customize whether you want to show the re-tweets or replies posted for already existing tweets. Caching support rendered by Twitget makes you stress-free about exceeding your API call limit. Twitget is compatible with all WordPress versions up to 3.8.1.

WordPress Widget No.5- Random Posts Widget

Random Posts Widget is a great add-on for your WordPress blog. Adding this widget to your blog allows you to provide your readers a glimpse of some random posts that have been written in the past. If a post tends to appear interesting to a reader, he/she may choose to click on it to read it thoroughly. All links to your random posts are displayed on the widget sidebar where they can be clicked by the blog visitors. Random Posts Widget supports WordPress version 2.8 and above.

So Today we learn about 5 Ace Widgets to Boost your WordPress Blog.If you have any query then comment below .Thanks.

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