What would be a profitable blog micro-niche to start in 2021?

if you want to start a Blog in India then we suggest You Start a Micro-niche blog in India 2021. We Want to  I’ve got you covered. Many people finding Ten Micro-niche Blog Ideas. I hear the following quite often, “Many People interested in blogging, but they don’t know where to start.

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Micro-niche blog

It’s the 5th month of blogging. Look at how the impressions are increasing. It is all because of selecting a low competition niche.

I am guessing this blog is going to show great results soon. Finger crossed.

Coming back to the topic.

How to choose a low competition niche?

If you are asking this question, I assume you have a good idea about niche selection. We all start with a high completion niche and end up getting zero results. Even I did when I started my first blog.

I won’t regret selecting that niche because I gained lots of knowledge while working on that high competition niche.

Currently, there is high competition in almost every niche.

As the word “Blogging” is getting popular, more and more people are getting attracted to this field. So I guess finding a low competition niche is a little bit difficult.

But not impossible.

I will guide you, how I validate a niche to be low competitive.

So let’s start!

I use my 3-factor validation technique to identify if the niche is low competitive.

  1. Search Volume
  2. Scope of Content
  3. Reference Website

Suppose we select a micro-niche on Garden and Plant Niche. Then, we will apply 3-factor validation to check if it’s low competitive.

We will be using aHrefs for this whole validation process.

#1 Search Volume

The first step is to check whether this particular niche has a good search volume. Above you can see, this gardening niche has a 62k monthly search volume, which is decent.

From here, we can say that this niche will definitely get traffic once we start working on it. So the first validation is completed.

#2 Scope of Content

Now we have to check whether this niche has enough content ideas to publish. For that, you have to filter down all the keywords with

Keyword Difficulty: 20

Min Search Volume: 500

After applying the filter, here you can see we got 3,870 keywords with KD less than 20 and a maximum volume of 500. The first page is looking good with the search volume.

Your main target is to post 100 articles in the first 6 months. Here we have enough content ideas, so we have excellent scope of content. With this, the 2nd step validation is completed.

#3 Reference Website

This is the main step of validation where most of the niche fail.

Now you have to find a reference website that has a low Domain Rating (less than 20 is good), but ranking for thousands of keywords and getting enough google search traffic.

If you successfully find such a website, then the niche you selected has high chances of ranking with quality content.

For instance, we found a website on the gardening niche which has a DR of 18, ranking for 35K keywords and having organic traffic of 40K.

Looks awesome. Right?

From my personal experience, this approach of selecting a niche works for me. And the result is in front of you.

Some Profitable Niches You Can Work On

  1. Home Painting
  2. Garden, Outdoor & Tool Segment
  3. Men’s Grooming
  4. Natural baby products
  5. Electric Scooter Blog
  6. Bicycle-Cycling
  7. Office Chairs

Have a great day!

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