Top 5 Micro Niche Idea For Indian Blogger in 2020

So you want to start a blog in the upcoming year or a month, but you are not sure that which Niche is perfect for You and how much you can earn from online blogging. 

Now you are At the right place, and I will help you select a niche for Blogging.

So you need to focus on the continued hard-working without it, you cannot succeed in the online world.

 Many people have a Question in there Mind, so Lets discussed that First, Then move Ahead toward our Topics 

  1. Which niche is best for blogging in 2020?
  2. Are blogs still profitable in 2020?
  3. Who is the No 1 blogger in India?
  4. How do I get free affiliate traffic?

Let us now discuss our topic and see the niches below, which we should work on next year.

First of all, we talk about questions that I have experimented with, after which we will go-to topics.

It is necessary to discuss all these questions. Without this, you will not be able to complete your blogging passion. This will give you an edge in your work, and you will work with more dedication.

 Is it worth blogging in 2020?

 Blogging benefits everyone or not. There are people in this market who say that there is no profit nor money from Blogging.

This is a misconception. If you want to earn money from Blogging, then you have to be patient. If you think that you will make money in a month, then it is your wrong thinking.

If you want to monetize the blog, you need high-Quality content and ideas that drive traffic to a blog in 2020.

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Top 5 Micro Niches For Indian Blogger in 2020

start with our topic Best niches for blogging in India. It is a very complicated topic, and everyone wants to know about the Niches. so without wasting time Lets starts with our first Niche

Tech Blogging Micro Niche 

Tech is a niche in which there is a lot of competition, but today we will talk to you about such a micro niche with the meagre competition, and the traffic is excellent within this niche . Through a micro-niche, you can earn money in two ways.

The first way you know is Google AdSense, and the second is affiliate marketing. These are both excellent ways to earn money.

Let’s talk about our first Micro Niche for Tech. 

1) Earbud is a micro niche that still has Low competition, and you can easily overcome this competition with great effort and get your blog ranked on the first pages. I have given you a screenshot of keyword research done through Ahref tools.

Micro niche for blog
Micro Niche : Earbuds

 You earn money from Amazon affiliate marketing till you get the AdSense account’s approval. Like I said that earbud is such a micro niche that not only in India but also in the USA, it has reduced competition.
Along with this, I am giving you links to the blog of earbuds to get to know how you can write articles and format your blog.

Check others Blog

2 . Fitness Band Micro Niche 

Today, fitness is essential for everyone, due to which people keep track of their health, whether there is a gym lover or a patient who wants to track blood pressure and heartbeats from time to time, they all need fitness bands. And still, the bloggers are not working so much on this niche.

Fitness Band  Micro niche blog

You can work on this micro-niche and also earn money from the affiliate.

3 Smart Watches 

Smartwatches have become essential violence for all in today’s time; it has become a part of our fashion. Smartwatches are very cheap and expensive, and people buy them with great fanfare and refer to their friends. It would help if you tried this micro-niche once, it could give you very much free traffic

Smartwatches Micro Niche

2 Movie review Micro Niche

Most popular movies are seen in India. Along with this, there is always the desire to know people about their favourite heroes and heroines. If you also hope to watch movies and have special knowledge about the hero, judge you. If you want to share with, you can write a movie review and biographies of Bollywood celebrities.
This will give you better traffic and income.
You can visit many websites of movie review Like Pinkvilaa.

3 Mobile App

In today’s time, everyone has a smartphone, and someone downloads new mobile applications. This thing has increased more in Lockdown, and some application is launched every day.
If you make this thing your passion, and you will give information about New App every day, along with the user too; this micro-niche is a little competitive, but if you work hard, then it will be easy and good enough. Traffic will also visit your website.

4 E-Gaming Micro Niche

Gaming is an enjoyable micro-niche, in which you will also enjoy writing, and those who fall in addition to Google Adsense will also have income from sponsors, so you must use it once.In this micro niche, you can get more benefit from a little hard work; you can run parallel to mobile gaming and computer gaming niche.

Apk Downloader Web site

Apk based website is a very good micro-niche in which you can easily put content. Apk based website will earn you more than you think. you just need to put some content then Apk link Latest

In the last, Hope This Article Help you in selecting Micro Niche for the blogging

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