Drop-shipping India : How to Start Drop-shipping Business in 2021

If you want to start in drop-shipping in India, but you do not have the right in.

These Questions Are to help you to Understand Better

  1. How to start a Drop-shipping Business in India?
  2. Is Drop Shipping profitable in India?
  3. Which is the best drop-shipping platform in India?

First, we answer these questions one by one, and then we will give you brief information about Drop-shipping India.

Q1 How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India?

  • Pick a Supplier.
  • Decide your products to sell.
  • Get your GSTIN.
  • Design a website for your store.
  • List your products and market.
  • Conclusion.

Q2 Is Drop Shipping profitable in India?

Dropshipping is a profitable and slightly risky business as this business only depends on your product.

Drop-shipping is a business in which you test on a single product and only one product can give you money. It is a profitable and slightly risky business as this business solely depends on your product. this is a business in which you test on a single product, and only one product can give you money. 

If your niche is high demand, then you can get a lot of profit if not otherwise you will not suffer so much in KOK drop-shipping. We don’t have to keep inventory.

3 Which is the best dropshipping platform in India?

 For Indian drop shipping, we have brought a list for you to start in dropshipping India and not only India you can sit in India and do dropshipping in the USA.

  • Baapstore
  • indiamart
  • Tradeindia
  • jimtrade
  • trade ford
  • Exports-india
  • weabdeal-india

Now we talk about drop-shipping and see how there is a way to do everything, and if you have to work in this market for a long time, you have to adopt a proper method.

FIND A SUPPLIER For Drop-shipping India

First, you have to find a supplier, and if you have to do drop-shipping in India or have to do drop-shipping in the USA, you have to be a supplier; for this, you will find a supplier in the online portal.
I have already written you the information on online websites.

List of Online portal is below

On all these portals, you can find the supplier. The special thing is that drop-shipping in India also eats the reselling business. The difference is that so far in India, people are only reselling through the Facebook marketplace. But in drop-shipping, you have money first.

2 After selecting the supplier, you also have to see your margins, how much you are getting for the product you have selected and how much you can sell.

In the beginning, you have to keep your margin low because there are already a lot of shops and shops in the market, so people buy goods from low price ones.
Therefore, you also have to add your delivery cost to your margin and select your price.

3 After this, you will have to see that your supplier is offering white label service or not? This means that the person you are picking the product with is attaching your brand name to your customer or not.
Suppliers can also make monthly charges from you to give their services to those who maintain trust between you and them.

DECIDE PRODUCT TO SELL Drop-shipping India

Now we have learned how to find suppliers; now we have to see which product we want to sell, so one thing is precisely for this, you have to test each product, then you can try some products using keyword research tools.

Apart from this, you can test the products of the bestseller sections of platforms like Amazon Flipkart and myntra, and you can get a good response.


If you want to sell your products within your brand, you have to take a GST number, apart from this, you do not need any other documents, you can claim the credits you have invested later.

Design a store for your business

If you want to sell every product, you must have a marketplace for which you must have a domain name and a hosting.
You can easily create your own store on WordPress, and if you do not know how to create a store, we can help you with this.

This website should know that you’re drop-shipping store should have every information about your product. In which the customer is aware of the product that the customer will buy the product from you


Now we have to drop our products in our drop-shipping INDIA store. We should try to make multiple stores listing to do product listing in 3-4 categories.
We are new in this market, along with our product, people do not know our company, so we have to market our product. For this, with the help of the social media market and Google ADS, we can promote our product and sell our product


Now it comes that if we give our product, then how do we get money from the customer; then one thing is clear for this that you cannot give cash delivery, it also means that you cannot add a substantial portion but your payment You will be safe only in taking prepaid orders. So without fear, you can reach the order customer, there is less chance of your delivery failing.

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There is only so much in the past that you can do this business, but if you have any doubt in your mind that you can ask us questions. We know that this information has helped you, but if you need any more information, you can email us, and we will definitely help you.

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