How To Promote your blog In 2021. Top 10 Blog Promotion Techniques

How To Promote your blog .10 Blog Promotion Techniques to Grow Your Traffic 2, 00,000 Month
Blogging gives lots of fun and excitement to an individual. However, maintaining an interactive blog is a challenging task. Good blogs need quality content and mandate proper marketing and promotion to obtain the highest possible exposure. Here, we have discussed a few effective techniques to promote your blog to get huge online traffic.

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Technique 1-Targer Popular Key Phrases and Search Terms.

Search is a common way by which your readers find your content easily. Online readers always look for questions or search topics and find relevant readers. If you want to draw readers’ attention towards your blog content, optimize them for enticing the audiences. You have to perform keyword research to check the keywords people search frequently and create content by targeting the respective keywords.

Technique 2-Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect, which can make your blogging site and individual blogs visible in search engine page results. Here, you have to focus on two different aspects-

On-site SEO

Also known as technical SEO, this part allows the search engine to identify your blogs. On-site SEO even involves the submission of your blogs to Google. If WordPress is your blogging platform, you have to design a site map of your WP blog and submit it to the search console of Google. This will inform the Google search engine giant about the presence of content in your blog, and it becomes visible in the Google search results.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimization of keywords. Bloggers and content marketers must use this technique to allow their audience to see the blogs. On-page SEO works in the following way-
You have to perform keyword research before starting with the writing work.
You must optimize your content for a particular keyword.
You must assure of high-quality content.

Technique 2-Implementation of a Sound Social Media Promotion Plan

Social media is also an effective way for target audiences to look for online content. Like Facebook users, social media often browse the available newsfeeds and identify their interesting blog posts with hashtags.

If you want to use social media to accomplish blog promotion, you must avoid posting updates with backlinks with the site sporadically. Rather, you must take the necessary steps to accomplish an effective promotional strategy. These include the following-

You must create different social media posts for each of your blog posts to share across different platforms. You have to focus on only those platforms, which your ideal target audience uses frequently.

Design customized social media graphics for each of your posts to match perfectly various image specifications present in each social site.

You should make sure to promote the new content aggressively.

It would help if you continued with the promotion of high-performing content even when they become old. This lets you make the most from your content.

You must tag the person or brand mentioned in the content to inform them that they were featured.


It would help if you always encouraged the social sharing of your blog posts. For this, you must click on the tweet button, display share buttons, and select call to action for sharing the pages.

Technique 3-Promote Your Contents with Paid Social Media Advertisements

You may use both paid and organic social media promotion techniques to entice attention to the blog contents. With social media blog promotion, you may use various hyper-targeting filters to present ads to the contents and be aware of your target audience.

Technique 4-Guest Blogging

After the Penguin update by Google, guest blogging has proven effective in generating backlinks to the blogs. Hence, you must put effort to feature your blog posts on blogs of similar niches. This sends huge online traffic and helps in driving targeted traffic, and set up SEO backlinks. When you promote the blogs by publishing content on any other similar website, you tap into their existing target audience. In this way, you establish new relationships with many other readers and drive online traffic back to your website. Only you must include a suitable link back to your website in your content and author bio whenever you go for guest blogging or guest posting.

Technique 5-Organize Interview with Other Bloggers

Once you find your blog as started obtaining online traffic in a decent number, you may request an interview with various other bloggers and people inspired by your content. If you get the opportunity to interview, you must accept it and define your blog and yourself. It would help if you allowed an entirely new target audience to know about your blog and its existence over the internet.

Technique 6-Take Help from Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are efficient ways to bring huge online traffic to your blogs if you have the knowledge to use them in the right way. If your blog posts gain popularity on Pinterest, Flipboard, and Reddit, you may easily drive many traffic hits within a short period. For this, you must monitor and understand each of the social bookmarking websites carefully to know what will work the best.

Technique 7-Blog Commenting

Blog commenting in various blogs similar to your blog’s niche is also an effective way to promote your blogs. While doing this, you must add value with the help of blog comments. However, you must strictly avoid spamming in any of the blog posts. Otherwise, you cannot get benefits for your brand.

Technique 8-Discussion Brands and Forums

Discussion boards and forums are a few of the excellent ways to achieve online traffic and target audience. Even though the traffic obtained from forums is not so huge, they can drive targeted traffic, and hence, it is better than random visitors. With online traffic, you have to focus on quality as compared to quantity.

Technique 10-Look for Power from Online Influencers

It would help if you looked for powerful influencers for promoting your blog to increase the visibility of its content. Influencers are social media personalities, writers, and blogs, who have many loyal followers. These outlets contain readers who have an active engagement in their shared contents. If you want to give extra exposure to the content, you must develop an effective influencer marketing strategy. You must follow the mentioned tactics to promote your blog.

Invite Influencers for Posting on the Blog

Whenever influencers write blog posts and share the same with their online readers or audience, they drive traffic to your blogging site and introduce them to your content and brand.

Sharing Contents via Social Networks

If any social media profile has strong followers, you must request them to share your content. This will drive a significant amount of online traffic to your website via social networks.

Use Digital PR as Effective Marketing Strategies

You must publish unique and high-quality content while reaching out to various authoritative websites to know whether they have interests in your blog content. If your content has enough value, other sites will definitely share it, give backlinks and help you to drive huge online traffic.

Make Sure of Authentic Relationships

Whenever you approach your influencers for sharing the blog contents, you must establish mutually beneficial and authentic relationships. This means you must offer influencers to promote their work, offer to write for their blogs while asking them to return the favor.

With the right knowledge of driving online traffic to your blogs, you may easily promote it for making money from blogging activities.

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