How to do Keyword Research In 2021

I know how to do Keyword Research, this question is in the mind of every new blogger. Because keyword is one of the most important part of SEO.

If you do not do keyword research in a proper way, you will never be able to rank your blog post in Google’s search engine

you will not get organic traffic which can never grow your blog.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to do keyword research, apart from this, if you want to know more about keywords

what is the importance of this, then for this I have written a separate post which I will write here below I am sharing that you must also read it.

what is keyword and why is it important

In today’s post, we are going to give you complete details about how keyword research is done, step-by-step so that any new blogger can easily do keyword research and use those keywords at the right place in the post. To rank the post in Google.

How to do Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is like a process if we want to read thousands of posts from Google or other search engines every day to read the posts we are writing on our blog.

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So we have to understand this process of keyword research in a very good way and apply it.

The first step in Keyword Research is the words or phrases related to the topic on which we have a blog or the manner in which we have created our website for the product or service.

Find out about people who search in Google or other search engines (Bing, yahoo etc.).

And after that the second step is how many people search those words or phrases in a month which is technically called the search volume. And know how many answers related to that words or phrases and what is already present in the blog is a competition for me.

Now, friends, you must have found it very easy, but this thing is not so easy, we have to use many tools in it and have to walk absolutely step-by-step. Let us know –

1 step – How to find keyword ideas for blog?

Friends, on which topic or niche you have created a blog, keyword ideas depend on this.

For example: Like our blog which is its topic is digital marketing and online business

so on this blog you will find all articles related to this.

According to your niche, the best way to know the keyword idea is that if you write the words related to your blog’s niche

in Google’s search box, then you see many ideas below.

Apart from this, when you go to the bottom of Google’s search page, you can also see related Searches from there, you get keyword ideas from there too.

Friends, it is very important for you to know that what people want to find answers online related to your blog topic or niche?

Now it is very important to understand the keywords that are of two types.

short tail keyword

long tail keyword

The first is short tail keyword, it is just one or two words like – SEO, Digital Marketing, online business etc.

Another is long tail keyword which consists of three or more words like – SEO kya hai, Digital marketing kaise sikhe etc. |

Now the thing to understand here is that the search volume on those short tail keywords is very high, that means that most people search this word on Google or other search engines in a month.

But the competition on them is also very high,

if you are a new blogger, always use the long tail keyword only because the competition on them is less, which increases the chances of your post being ranked.

So far, you have learned how to find related keyword ideas from the niche of your blog and how to use which type of keyword.

2 Step – How to find keyword search volume and competition?

Now we know how many people search in Google for the keyword ideas that we have found in the month, that is, how much search volume is on those keywords and how much competition is there on them.

To know the search volume of the keyword, we have to use some tools which are mostly paid, let’s know –

Here I will tell you about the three best tools that are paid but are very cheap. If you see your blog as a business and want to earn money from it, then you have to do a little investment, friends.

Especially when your investment can make your blog very popular and profitable for you.

First tool – ubersuggest

First of all, the keyword tool which is very cheap and can be very helpful for a new blogger is ubersuggest though earlier it used to be free but this year i.e. in 2020 it is now also paid but it is very cheap.

Than the tools SEMrush and ahref . You do not have to do much to know the keyword search volume in uber suggest, you just have to copy the keyword idea you have found and paste it in the search box in the home page of uber suggest website.

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