How can I start a dropshipping business with no money?

How to Begin a Dropshipping Company Without Money & Earn a Living For Free

So, by this time, you are probably aware of what drop-shipping is, even in case you’re not, then you can read more on that here. The second most frequently asked question tends to be, “how much money do you have to start dropshipping?” Well, the fantastic news is that we are here to explain to you how you can start a dropshipping business with no cash. That’s right; you can begin today. Interested? Read on to Discover More.

What you need to start a dropshipping business with no cash.

So, although you do not require a mountain of cash to start your own company, you need to invest. Time. If you could sit there and do nothing and start making money, then everybody would do it. If everybody was doing this, no one would make any money because the market would be saturated. This brings us to the second thing you need—a market. You want your offering to be unique. You need something that makes you stand out from everybody else; you have to give people a reason to buy your merchandise instead of Maureen-from-down-the-road’s product.

Okay, so I have my ideas and some free time. How do I start dropshipping?

Okay, so you would like to begin with your dropshipping business, you’ve got a few fantastic ideas that are yours and only yours, and you feel like you have the edge to come out on top. So what do you want to do to take things to the next level? How can you measure things up from a great idea to a real working business model?

Step 1 – Create a store.

That is right; you need a shop. How can people purchase things from you if you do not give them somewhere to shop? Sounds fairly self-explanatory, huh? Well, there are lots of platforms that you can use to initiate a dropshipping company, with no cash investment in any way. Alas, none of those choices is entirely-completely-and-forever-free. However, you can get started on some of these for free. All of them work slightly differently.

Some of Your Options

  • eBay — pay a fee when you sell a product, you can list your product, and a proportion of what it sells for you’ll cover eBay. This is subject to specific conditions. For example, you are using a standard auction list. This is great if you would like to shift your old lawnmower, but if you want to prepare a business enterprise. There are different alternatives for setting prices and other characteristics, but unless eBay is operating a free listing event, they often price to utilize
  • Amazon — pay a commission per item sold, plus some additional fees also. As above, this is excellent if you’re clearing out your DVD rack, but less so when you’re attempting to sell huge volumes. Amazon has introduced an expert account for people who market over 35 things a month, where you pay a monthly subscription fee, and it eradicates the per-item-sold charge.
  • Shopify — pay a monthly subscription depending on the characteristics you want to access and how big you want your e-commerce empire. With a basic plan which starts at $29USD (yep, the cost shows in bucks even on the UK website) in addition to a site plan and much more comprehensive plans, you have loads of options.

Our Choice

However, don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten that this manual is here to focus on how best to begin a dropshipping business with no cash. We will elect Shopify as they offer a 14-day free trial. Unlike a lot of free trials, Shopify lets you join without including your card details. That is correct; the only thing you agree to when signing up for your free trial is marketing emails. No hidden “if you forget to cancel we are going to charge you and it will be a wonderful surprise” that we’ve all come to hate.

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Step Two — Find a supplier.

Ahem, that is where we all come in. We provide drop shipping on each of our 450+ products. From fashion and fabrics to homeware and decor, we have a huge range of goods that you can customize, layout, and sell via a third-party e-commerce platform (the store that you found and set up in step one).

We will not charge you any fees to set up drop-shipper accounts — concealed or otherwise: no more free trial, just total free-freeness.

As soon as you’ve set your account up, you’ll need to sync it to your Shopify account. You can see full details about how to do this here.

Step Three — Invest Your Time

This is the part where the hard work comes from—sort of. If you would like to start your own dropshipping business, we would love to assume that it’s because you love designing things with no cash or otherwise. By that logic, this part will not always be challenging work. It will be you doing your hobby somewhere different from you normally do, to earn a living doing what you love. Either way, whatever you call this component, it’s the bit where you need to commit your time and set up your product range.

This is super simple to do as we have built a bespoke design interface, especially for this function. In this tool, you can upload your layouts to your preferred product. It is possible to add, remove, resize, reposition, and add effects to your layouts. You can add text, so you can eliminate it, and what is more, you can see every change in real-time. Our design preview enables you to see exactly what your product will look like if it is done — whether it is a tea towel or a tea dress.

Step Four — Market, market, marketplace

Just a bit more time investment. You have to advertise your merchandise. It’s all well and good having them without any sort of advertising; you’re kind of relying on individuals simply ‘falling’ into your shop. There are a couple of ways that you could do this, although again, this is a how-to begin to drop shipping for free’ manual, so we will ignore some of the paid advertising options. (For those who aren’t specifically looking to start a dropshipping company with no cash, take a peek at PPC. That’s paid advertisements, which you can do through Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will target your intended audiences, especially).

Social media is a highly effective tool. You could recently have seen the story about the guy from the small book in Petersfield, who tweeted about the fact that nobody was in, for perhaps the first time. Sci-fi writer Neil Gaiman retweeted this, and the little bookstore was inundated with orders. It is a heartwarming tale and a legitimate instance of the power of social networking and why it ought to be embraced. So, while we aren’t all internet-buddies with Neil Gaiman, we can exploit the power of digital-word-of-mouth and use this to get your name out there.

It is as simple as that.

It truly is super easy to prepare your own Shopify shop and link it with Contrado. If you still have any doubts, check out this video tutorial to determine exactly how it’s done.

Congratulations, that is how you Begin a dropshipping business with no money


There you have it. You have a business program. That’s how you start a dropshipping business with no cash, the best way to earn a living with your hobby. If you want to try on your own, then why not click here to get started.

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